What We do at Linocraft

Design and Solution


At Linocraft we trust our employees as the most valuable assets to the company.

Therefore in Linocraft we look into the finest details from the upstream sample built-up, till the delivery of our finished goods.
Though it may just be for the costing reasons, our team of Product Development experts are passionate to study the asreceived artwork & function of the end product. After desk formulation, our Project Engineering team will then review and analyse the foreseeable challenges in real production. The results shall be highlighted to the Product Development team for design evaluation and customisation. The Project Engineering team will re­study the proposed modifications again to facilitate the mass production.
During the stage of sample run the Quality Assurance team will capture online data and parameters by processes. The data shall be kept for future analysis on the defects during mass production. The efficiency can then be monitored and measured in a more preventive and predictive manner.
The diagram below illustrates the interaction of the team from design conceptualisation till product realisation
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