What We do at Linocraft

Design & Solution

Take your products to us.  Let our graphic and packaging creative team fulfill your printing and packaging needs & dreams
  From drawings created from 2D and 3D rendering, we can translate from conceptual on screen to reality using precision tools to cut out the packaging you require into reality.

Comparing to tradition process, we can shorten the design process for your earlier launch into the market.   In turn reduce holding cost for holding cost in distribution and remnant from running change. 


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Prepress   Press   Post Press   Quality & Testing
State-of-the-art Colour Management Systems ensure that colours are accurately and consistently reproduced.   With the largest offset printing
press in the region (up to 1.85
meters in width), products can be produced in a single pass
ensuring not only colour
consistency but significantly
shorter manufacturing times.
  Comprehensive range of post-press facilities from high-speed folder-gluers to book binding lines to create the perfect packaging or book.   Labatory equipped with calibrated
testing equipment to international ISO standards to validate products for final outgoing  inspections before endorsing with our seal of quality. 

Product Range
Other than just providing a generic range of products that anyone can provide in the open market.
Linocraft customize each product further to the sector the customer comes from the application of the packaging, and where it is intended to be sold. We can share and provide expertise packaging solutions for E&E, M&C, F&B, and FMCG. Come talk to us.
Label   Blister
  Manual &
  Rigid Box &
Case Cover

Sector of Focus 

Food &
Medical &
Electronic &
Fast Moving

Kitting & Assembly
Depending on your specification required, we can source on a global and local scale to offer vast array of packaging material and turn them into semi-finished products.
Referring to the established  build of material list our qualified engineers then can establish a lean and balanced sub-assembly line using our in-house customized lines with trained personal, toolings and conveyors.

Logistic Fulfillment

Our delivery solution for you

Once production is completed, finished goods will be transferred to warehouse prior to external delivery to customers.
With our new warehouse barcoding system and wireless location scanner devices that we own now, goods are handled
accurately for logistic arrangement.
As we are strategically located closed to three world-class Deep Sea Ports, namely Port of Tanjung Pelepas,
Pasir Gudang Port and Singapore Port, Sea & Air cargoes can be arranged conveniently for our customers.