What We do at Linocraft


Linocraft has the strong ability to sustain the product quality through human skill and technology.
Our operators are well trained and experienced in delivering a good quality product to meet our customers’ requirement. Therefore, we can minimise the wastage and fulfill the planned schedule to produce the committed quantity and quality.
  As per the advancement in printing technology, Linocraft adopts the latest technology in its pre-press and post-press operations for continuous improvement in productivity and product quality.
  In our pre – press department, our latest Power Macintoshes enable us to provide our customers with the best graphic support in design, retouching, image manipulation, page layout and proofing.
For Computer to Plate (CTP), it could transform digital document from customer via internet directly to printing plate without using conventional films.

The secured jobs can be started immediately by saving cost on materials, time and manpower.
Beside of new technology applied in Pre-Press Department, we have KBA Densitronic S 2000 which could be used for density and color measuring system.

It is designed to control the quality on direct measurements within the image during and after printing. The entire system is an ideal tool to generate comprehensive quality documentation.
With the consolidation of human skills and technology that we own, we are able to achieve great quality of cater for customers' need. We could assist the customer to develop their products in the most innovative manner.
In Linocraft colour makes a difference. We make it right and Quality is our business.